We are proud to be part of the TEDx community in Dubai and were honored when the local organizers asked us to create teasers, the event opener, and speaker intros to be used during the event. The theme, REBOOT, allowed for nearly infinite creative opportunity. We conceptualized a live action series shot across multiple locations in Dubai.

The concept of REBOOT is sometimes forced upon us, so we wanted to find a way to visualize the events that prompt a fresh start: the failures that inspire new ventures and the ideas worth spreading from that journey.

The concept came into focus: what would the city look like if it was rebooted?

To achieve what would be impossible, we shot still photos in locations around Dubai and used 3D projection mapping to simulate a live-action feel. Our team meticulously painted out all the building lights so we could control the on/off sequence in animation.

PromaxBDA 2011 Arabia Awards Winner:
GOLD – Best Program Title Sequence
GOLD – Best Original Music

Client: TEDxDubai | Product: Teasers & Event Title Sequence | Role: Concept. Design. Photography. Animation. Music.