We were honored to create the opening titles for the TEDxDubai conference for the second consecutive year. The main titles showcase the staggering growth of Dubai over the past 10 years through time-lapse satellite imagery and act as a prologue to the event that seeks to celebrate the “small” in a location like Dubai, mostly known for excess and extravagance.

We contacted Space Imagining Middle East, the largest satellite imagining company in the region, who provided satellite photography going back to the early 2000's. When we received the images we were amazed at the major changes to the landscape over the span of only a few years. The idea was born to create time-lapses of recognizable locations in Dubai showing the city’s incredible construction and growth. In sequential satellite photos, the sprawl and monoliths that are part of the city today, appear out of nowhere beginning as tiny blots in a photo.

The titles, together with the event, remind everyone that small things can have a huge impact and that Dubai’s present grandeur was once a multitude of tiny grains of sand.

PromaxBDA 2012 Arabia Awards Winner:
GOLD – Best Original Music

TEDxDubai | Product: Teasers & Event Title Sequence | Role: Concept. Design. Direction. Animation. Music.

Satellite Imagery: © Space Imaging Middle East & DigitalGlobe, members of the WorldView Global Alliance, all rights reserved.

Teasers announcing select speakers that were also used as intros during the event.

Most people talk; we do things. They plan; we achieve. They hesitate; we move ahead. We are living proof that when human beings have the courage and commitment to transform a dream into reality, there is nothing that can stop them.
— Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Dubai, 2002

Dubai, 2002